The lawyers of Clément Konrad & Partners are experts in structured finance matters. They regularly assist clients on the following matters:

  • Structuring of equity financing: ordinary shares, preference shares, founding shares, tracking shares, alphabet shares, classes of shares;
  • Structuring of quasi-equity instruments: use of share premium / capital reserves, convertible debt instruments, hybrid debt instruments, profit-sharing debt instruments;
  • Choosing the most appropriate vehicle in order to fit their legal needs (regulated fund, securitisation vehicle, ordinary corporation, partnership) as well as to secure their access to double tax treaties;
  • Structuring of their financing: bond issue, bank financing, structuring of shareholder financing;
  • Ensuring that structured finance aspects consider all related tax aspects, such as transfer pricing, debt to equity ratio, foreign constraints at the level of investors and investment jurisdictions, tax deductibility and withholding tax issues.

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