The lawyers of Clément Konrad & Partners have a strong track record and regularly advise funds and consortium of funds on the acquisition of companies and groups.

They advise private equity and venture capital actors on the acquisition, management and divestment strategies. The firm assists clients with the following matters:

  • Structuring, design and incorporation of the most appropriate Luxembourg vehicles (corporations, SCAs, partnerships);
  • Design and structuring of double-tier structures;
  • Tax unity;
  • Structuring of external and intra-group financing;
  • Transfer pricing issues;
  • Design and drafting of appropriate profit sharing equity and debt instruments;
  • Tax analysis and optimisation;
  • Joint-venture and management packages;
  • Instruments aiming at considering Luxembourg and foreign tax constraints in order to optimize the return offered to investors;
  • Fee structures.

Clément Konrad & Partners also advises on the structuring of the performance fees / carried interest of fund managers and management packages of key people of the targets.

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