Senior Counsel

D +352 2837 1004 42
M +352 661 958 623

Practice Description

Theodore J. Fisher is a seasoned attorney advising in the areas of banking & finance and capital markets, AIFM, investment funds, corporate and regulatory law.
Theodore advises asset managers, private equity houses as well as corporate groups. He is also active in general business and contract law as well as IT/ IP/ E-commerce.


Prior to joining Clément & Avocats (renamed Clément Konrad & Partners in 2018), Theodore spent eight years practicing in a well-regarded Luxembourg law firm. He previously worked in senior management for major American and European media groups, as a corporate attorney in a Los Angeles law firm, and for USAID-funded commercial law reform projects in Eastern Europe.

Education & Bar Admittance

Theodore holds an M. Phil. from Oxford University, J.D. from the University of Southern California, B.A. from the University of Michigan and was a Fulbright Scholar at the faculty of law, University of Regensburg in Germany. He is a member of the California Bar.


  • September 2015: Update of the Luxembourg section in Securities Transactions in Europe (Thomson Reuters);
  • November 2014: “Luxembourg’s New Law on the Segregation of Bearer Shares” European Securities (Sweet & Maxwell);
  • July 2012: “Does Crowdfunding Constitute a Public Offer Under Luxembourg Law?” European Securities (Sweet & Maxwell);
  • May 2012: Update of the Luxembourg section in Securities Transactions in Europe;
  • May 2011: Update of the Luxembourg section in Securities Transactions in Europe;
  • April 2010: “The Intricacies Of The Transparency Directive As Transposed Into Luxembourg Law” European Securities (Sweet & Maxwell);
  • February 2009: “Recent changes to the SICAR regime provide greater flexibility for private equity structures in Luxembourg” European Securities (Sweet & Maxwell).


He is a native English speaker, fluent in French, with good knowledge of German.

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